The Founding of Nanotech NYC

The Nano Alliance was initially formed as Nanotech NYC in early 2018 as a website with the purpose of creating a one stop shop for all things related to nanotechnology and nanoscience in the greater New York City area. This includes area facilities, academic programs, a researcher database and other resources relevant to the academic, industrial, and the start-up communities. Nanotech NYC began to host in-person events in the form of informal seminars and networking to further build a sense of community in the city. In mid 2019, an executive board was formed, and the Nanotech Alliance was founded as the parent organization of Nanotech NYC, currently filling for non-profit status.



Nanotechnology Enthusiast

The Nanotech Alliance is a volunteer-run group that is creating a network of nanotechnologists and nanoscientists from all levels of education and experience. We provide resources to promote innovation, collaboration, and accessibility within nanotechnology and nanoscience communities. The Alliance is open to anyone and everyone. We are a community of scientists and engineers committed to the growth of the fields nanotechnology and nanoscience. Through partnerships with local organizations like research institutions and companies, we offer programming that spans education, outreach, and career development in nanotechnology.



Currently, our resources are hosted at our Nanotech NYC site. Over time, this site will develop a comprehensive database of resources for the larger nanotechnology and nanoscience communities. If you have ideas for content or would like to be added to our databases, email us at contact@nanotechalliance.com

National Nanofab Database

A comprehensive and up-to-date database with links of nanofabrication faculties in the United States.  

Nanotech Online Platforms

A listing of nanotech related networks, programs and useful sites with links.

Nanotech NYC Resources

A listing of resources for NYC area startups, companies, researchers and students.




The Alliance is in the process of filing for non-profit status in order to help support our expanding activities. If you would like to support the project, we would appreciate any donation to help cover filing expenses. Every donation makes a significant impact.


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